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Increase your bookings, and reduce time spent managing them.

Keep track of everyone's salaries and whether or not they've been paid. Direct deposit not supported.

Keep track of everyone's salaries and whether or not they've been paid. Direct deposit not supported.

All of your receipts organized into one place, as long as you don't mind typing in the data by hand.

All of your bookings organized into one place.

Works on any device, PC, Mac, phone or iPad!
Setup takes less than 10 minutes!
Great customer support as standard
Take bookings from any source
Get deposits directly to your account
Run ticketed events
Send marketing emails
Automatic table management
Automatic SMS & email reminders

Loved by amazing venues

We're not happy unless our customers are happy. Don't believe us? Have a look at some of our recent reviews

    • Booking Ninja saved the day. From the very beginning the free trail to see if the software would do what we wanted to signing up for the Gold package. I can not express how happy we are..

      Peacock Pottery Barn
      Barleylands Farm Park
    • Booking Ninja was incredibly simple to set up and their customer service is on another level. They have actually changed their websites immediately a few times after I've asked for something specific and I really appreciate it..

      Everyday People
    • Amazing, always there to help with any issues and implement features when required. Best booking system I've used!.

      Ready Steady Roll
    • I was able to access their technical support whilst only being a "free user" and was so impressed with the speed and clarity of the support the we subscribed immediately to a paid plan. The platform has taken away the headache of table planning..

      Karoo Bar & Kitchen
    • We had been looking for a restaurant booking system for some time and none quite fitted until we found Bookingninja. Does what we need and the customer service and support is absolutely first class. Pricing is affordable and competitive. This software come highly recommended..

      Bosworth's Garden Centre
    • Absolutley fantastic software, really easy to use for both customers booking and us. The customer service is above and beyond..


5 minute setup

Start accepting online bookings in less than 5 minute with our super simple setup. Just let us know your opening times and max limits and you're good to go.

Support you can depend on

Our support is based in the UK, and we're here throughout the day and into the evening on LiveChat. Don't believe us? Just say hello on the LiveChat and see how quickly we respond!

Designed for your business

Take deposits, schedule ticketed events, automate tables, create multiple different sessions, hide certain sessions, require tickets to be selected and much more with software designed around your business.

Blog posts

We've got things to say. Our blog is where we utter our musings, and share our industry knowledge

Daniel • 4 months ago

Alternative to Access Collins Booking Platform

BookingNinja is an affordable alternative to access collins reservation software. No long contract, transparent pricing and powerful feature set

access colins booking alternative

Daniel • 6 months ago

Using online bookings to alleviate social anxiety

When it comes to social anxiety, one of the main things that can trigger it is the fear of phone calls


Daniel • 6 months ago

New Feature: Guest Table Selection

Our new feature allow guests to book our particular tables in your venue.


Daniel • 6 months ago

10 Ways to make a hospitality job better for your team

As an employer, there are a number of ways you can make your hospitality job better for your employees and in return, improve employee retention.

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Daniel • 6 months ago

How to deal with an economic downturn in the restaurant industry

Cutting back back on costs is often a necessary response to an economic downturn but what you should cut and how you should do it matters.

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Daniel • 6 months ago

Keeping your team cool in a warm restaurant

Not all venues have air conditioning, so we look at some simple ideas and tips for keeping you and your team cool on hot days.


Daniel • 6 months ago

How Kaizen helps us constantly improve our booking platform

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy, it's the way we operate on improvements and how we keep innovating


Daniel • 6 months ago

Free Restaurant Booking Platform

BookingNinja offers a free restaurant booking platform with all the features you could possibily need. It scales with your business.

free booking

Daniel • 6 months ago

Price [non]Increase

Costs are skyrocketing, but we don't want to pass additional burdens onto you.

bookingninja update

Daniel • 6 months ago

Should a Soft Play Take Online Bookings?

It is an industry that is resistant to online bookings, but it is about time to offer people the choice.

industry softplay
Mobile Device

23% of people won't visit a venue if they can't book online. Can you afford to lose that?

We asked over 2000 people if they would visit a venue if they could make a booking online, and nearly a quarter said no. 52% said allowing online bookings improved their experience. Help your business reach it's full potential and maximise bookings with our powerful software.

  • Start taking bookings for your business in five minutes
  • Free up valuable staff time for other tasks
  • Learn more about your customers and increase efficiency
  • Don't lose customers to chat messages and missed phone calls when you're not around
Mobile Tablet Desktop Device

Booking Ninja automates online bookings and takes the stress out of managing your business.

Every business is different, so we've designed Booking Ninja to be powerful and customisable while still being user friendly and easy to understand.

  • Manage all your bookings in a single place, on any device
  • Create unlimited accounts for you and your team
  • Take deposits based on number of people booking or on overall sessions
  • Add a booking form directly into your site or use our free, hosted option
  • Add phone call and walk-in bookings to our system manually within seconds
Device Tablet Phone

We're more than just an online booking system; we help you run your business smarter.

Taking bookings online doesn't just mean less phone calls and more custom - there's loads of other benefits that only online bookings from Booking Ninja can provide.

  • In-depth reporting on your busiest times, sections and customers
  • Find and block repeat no-show customers
  • Ask customers custom questions before they arrive
  • Send mobile phone reminders to reduce the chance of a missed booking
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“Booking Ninja has made managing bookings in our large cafe so much easier for both our customers and our team. It's absolutely invaluable for our business."
Testimonial Avatar Rebekah Jordan, Owner, Playopolis Board Game Cafe